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Meetab is able to fill any nutritional deficiency of your body, bringing you back to your ideal well-being.

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Inspired by Medicine to fill any nutritional deficiency.

Our body is a perfect machine capable of repairing itself, this is Meetab first principle. In order to make this self-repair process work, our body needs all the necessary nutrients.

Meetab supplements are specifically designed to fill any nutritional deficiency the human body might have, and to restore the proper functioning of your metabolism.

integratori Meetab
integratore Meetab
Meetab Formula

Since 2012, the first supplements based on the metabolic reactions of the human body

The complete map of the metabolic reactions that occur in our bodies was only fully mapped in 2007 with the "Metabolome Project". Meetab supplements are the world's first supplements to be formulated from this map.

Meetab supplements are based entirely on the 5,500 biochemical processes of metabolism.

Thanks to the Meetab formula, Meetab is able to fill any nutritional deficiency of your body, bringing you back to your ideal well-being.

20,000 times more effective
with Cofactors

The discovery of the synergy with the University of Brescia.
Maximum absorption for cells.

Cells subjected to artificial cerebral ischemia had half the mortality rate of those not treated with supplements.

The verdict, repeated several times and verified in the lab, surprised everyone with a result of 20,000 times to 1!!

Getting the nutrient into the cell is a science and an art at the same time.

If you are lacking a certain nutrient, it is very likely that you are also lacking its "cofactors", i.e. substances needed for their transport and absorption in your body.

The experiment with the University of Brescia has shown the synergistic effect of Meetab supplements.

Università di Brescia

You don’t need anything else

Metabolism is composed of 5,500 chemical reactions

As Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas and several scientific studies state, one or more of these blocked processes can cause you:

  • intestinal problems
  • abdominal bloating
  • lack of energy
  • difficulty losing weight
  • accumulation of stress
  • difficulty sleeping
  • allergies and intolerances
  • aches and pains

The only ones based on Metabolic Reactions, they are able to fill any nutritional deficiency and restore your full well-being.


Uncompromising quality

Gluten Free


Gluten-free dietary supplements for your gluten-free diet.

No sugar


All Meetab supplements have no added sugar.



Dietary supplements with no Genetically Modified Organisms.

NO animal derivatives

NO animal derivatives

All Meetab supplements are free of animal derivatives.


Features of Meetab Supplements

  1. All Meetab supplements are registered with the Italian Ministry of Health
  2. World-class raw materials
  3. Meetab supplements are fully formulated and produced in Italy
  4. The formulations have been developed by international physicians and researchers in collaboration with Meetab
Meetab Integratori
Integratori Meetab
  1. Meetab supplements are regularly used and prescribed by Doctors and Biologists Nutritionists
  2. Each production batch constantly undergoes quality controls to verify its purity status.
  3. The effectiveness of absorption of Meetab supplements is proven by studies carried out by Italian Universities
  4. They are used, under medical supervision, by hundreds of children

Scientific references

  • University of Brescia: Neuroprotective activity of the epigenetic complex My Antioxidant-My Health (4:1) in a cellular model of cerebral ischemia
  • University of Crete: Association of nutraceutical supplements with longer telomere length
  • EINUMM: European INstitUte of Molecular Medicine
  • Customized supplements: Chronic Inflammation in the Context of Everyday Life: Dietary Changes as Mitigating Factors (MDPI)
  • Nutrients 2019, 11(2), 345;
Customized supplements

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Thanks to the Meetab formula, Meetab is able to fill any nutritional deficiency of your body, bringing you back to your ideal well-being.