By purchasing products through this site, Meetab s.r.l. and the customers, whose details appear on the order form, become parties in a contract by which Meetab s.r.l. offers the goods and services chosen by clients at the moment of purchase. The contract only becomes valid once the terms and conditions have been accepted.

Clients will arrange to pay Meetab s.r.l. the price agreed in the order form. The total price includes VAT and a breakdown of all individual items will be clearly shown at the moment of purchase. Where goods are to be shipped abroad, the consumer will be responsible for paying any additional costs due to taxes or duties applicable by law in the country of the final destination of the goods.

Meetab s.r.l., will deliver to the address shown on the order form within 8 working days of the order being placed, using its own trusted courier or shipping agent . The above delivery times refer to products that are in stock in the warehouse at the moment of the purchase order. Where items are not available from stock, customers will be immediately informed and arrangements on how to proceed will be agreed upon. No responsibility for any delays in the delivery of goods, caused by a fortuitous event of force majeure, is attributable to the supplier or Meetab s.r.l..

By accepting this contract customers declare they have viewed and accepted the offer for the specific products as well as the general terms and conditions in their entirety. Customers are held responsible for printing and keeping this contract. Customers must declare that they have only entered true information on the order form. Meetab s.r.l. reserves the right to take all necessary steps to pursue any violation or abuse.

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law. Disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Milan (Italy) court.

Additional Costs

The prices listed are shown net and inclusive of VAT. No other costs are envisaged unless stated on the order form.


Two methods of payments are accepted: 1. PayPal. 2. Credit Card. The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, Mastercard, America Express, Discover, Postepay and Carta Aura.

Meetab s.r.l. Does not collect credit-card data while processing payment transactions.


Billing details will always be requested at the moment of ordering. Where customers are VAT registered, they can request that the products ordered be invoiced by filling in the appropriate fields on the order form. The invoice will become available shortly after ordering in the customer’s profile section of the website, by accessing the personal area using the site’s login page.

Canceling an order

Customers have the right to cancel an order placed via the website. If a shipment has not already left, then a total refund will be given. Alternatively, refunds will be made as below.

Refunding an order

If the products purchased do not correspond with what was required or if for any other reason customers no longer require the products purchased they have the right to cancel the order no later than fifteen days of having received the same. If the cancellation occurs within the aforementioned deadline, customers will be entitled to a full refund of the expense incurred for the purchase of the products.


  1. In accordance with Legislative Decree no. 185/99, consumers cannot exercise the right to a cancellation and refund for products that have been damaged, opened, used or customized by clients.
  2. The shipping costs for returned products will be borne by clients.
  3. No claims for refunds will be considered after fifteen days of having received the product.

Refund procedure

  1. Customers must communicate their intention to cancel as well as their request for a refund, by email to the contacts department.
  2. Customers should return products to: Meetab Srl c/o Natur Farma - via Maestri del Lavoro 4/6 37044 Cologna Veneta (VR) Italy

Where Meetab s.r.l. has collected payment for the price of the product, Meetab s.r.l. will arrange to refund customers the sum paid no later than 30 days from the receipt of the cancellation, according to the methods agreed upon with the customers.

Returned goods must be shipped no later than ten days from the date of sending the email informing us of the intention to cancel. The product must be packaged carefully to prevent the likelihood of damage. All goods purchased that are no longer required must be returned to the sender-supplier in the same condition in which they were sold. Once goods have been received, Meetab s.r.l. will arrange for the sum paid to be reimbursed within thirty days and under the conditions agreed upon with customers.


A Promoter is a person who promotes or recommends Meetab supplements to other people and receives commissions for this activity. A Promoter must send his/her contacts on the Meetab website, they will be traced through a link or a personalized code and, if they buy something, the Promoter will receive a percentage of what the person has purchased in commissions.

Anyone can be a Promoter, he/she just has to register on the website and the activation of the Promoter Program will be automatic. By entering your account you will see the section relating to the Promoter Program with all the instructions in order to start the activity.

The commissions that can be earned are 8% on the taxable value of the purchase made by a selected person. By introducing a person, a Promoter will earn commissions but at the same time the selected person will get 10% discount code for his/her first order. This is a strong incentive for him/her to use the Promoter link or code.

The Promoter will receive 8% of the commissions for each purchase. This is valid as long as the person is a Meetab customer. In the event that the selected customer becomes a Reseller or Consultant, the sponsoring from the Promoter Program will no longer be valid and the Promoter will not receive the commissions on purchases from the Reseller or the Consultant.

Potential resellers’ sponsorships by promoters will be evaluated in special projects that are not part of the normal promoter program.

You must use the rewards accrued from the promoter program before they expire. The rewards accrued are valid for 12 months after which they will expire. Meetab invites all promoters to monthly check the amount of accrued rewards and to use them as a discount for personal purchases or in order to request their payment.

There is no limit to the number of selected people you can directly have, but there are some rules you need to pay attention to.

All Promoter must:

  1. Promote our products and services in an honest and non-misleading way by following common sense
  2. Do not spam by promoting our products in violation of the privacy laws
  3. Do not put your link or promote our products on websites or places that could damage Meetab's image
  4. Do not use your promoter discount to introduce illegitimate, fake or unreal customers for the sole purpose of earning extra commissions

The Promoter Program is a system that Meetab makes available for people in order to be able to receive an economic exchange for introducing new customers to Meetab. If used for this purpose there will be no problem. If it is used to try to earn commissions on your purchases or on existing customers or other incorrect uses you may incur some penalties.

Here are some examples of misuse:

  • Introducing a family member or an acquaintance in order to make him buy for you to receive commissions also on his own purchases
  • Creating more than one account to earn commissions
  • Introducing each other to generate commissions

These are just examples, any variation of them can lead to penalties

Meetab reserves the right to review all commissions of the Promoter Program and reject commissions it deems illegitimate or ask the Promoter for further explanations regarding certain commissions. In case of suspicious behavior Meetab can warn the Promoter. In case of repeated warnings or clear misconduct, Meetab may cancel irregular commissions, limit or even cancel the Promoter account of the person found responsible for these irregularities.

The promoter program is reserved exclusively for promoters and does not allow resellers’ categories to sponsor new retailers, from which you can obtain commissions. The promoter program allows you to earn commissions only for the introduction of new customers and not resellers.

Resellers can use the promoter program only if they also want to be promoters and therefore introduce new customers directly to the Meetab website. In this case, the simple rules of the promoter program are in force.

The commissions generated by a Promoter can be converted into discounts to be used for his own purchases of Meetab supplements or the promoter can require the payment of such commissions. In the case of a payment request, the minimum threshold is the achievement of € 100 in commissions.