A bottle that expresses the company values

One of the most particular aspects of Meetab products is the peculiar green bottle with rounded edges and a minimal style on the label.

This design was created by Loris Zoppelletto, the company director. One day he was walking in the middle of the bustle of a train station and with the corner of his eye saw one product in a shop which was immediately recognisable for its design.

From there the inspiration to have a very recognisable and characteristic bottle bottle for the company which at the same time could express the values of Meetab: scientificy, innovation and pureness.

We do not want a simple green, we wanted something special. One day we were visiting a supplier with whom we were developing some prototypes and we saw a green Lamborghini and we fell in love immediately

From the concept we then moved to the implementation and after a loro of work and trials the Meetab bottles like you see now came to life. This would not have been possible without many people of our team and a special thanks goes most of all to the designers for their incredible job and support.

Bottles, among the other things, are made by a material completely recyclable, certified to contain foods.

Green bottle